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If you have any questions about Heltec Indoor/Outdoor/Light Hotspot, you can get the official reply from Heltec in the following 4 ways:

  1. Recommended – Submit a PR to this project. When we approve your PR, we will also answer your questions and will be shown on this page.

  2. Send your question to Heltec support email: support@Heltec.cn

  3. Reply this topic in Heltec Community

  4. Talk in Heltec Discord Channel

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Heltec Hotspot Relevant FAQ

Question: Will Heltec Indoor Hotspot have Australian version support?

Answer: Yes. There will be a version supporting AU915 in the 902~923 MHz frequency band. We have obtained New Zealand and Australia certification.


Question: Does Heltec have agents or distributors now?

Answer: Before becoming a third-party manufacturer certified by Helium, we have many well-cooperative agents around the world, but these agents only represent the regular products produced by Heltec Automation. Do not include Heltec Indoor/Outdoor/Light Hotspot. As of August 26, 2021, we have not identified any distributors.

Future Hotspot agents approved by Heltec will be announced on https://heltec.org.